CNC Router moving Table

CNC Machine And Router

CNC Router moving Table

Last few years we have been working very hard to develop a local technology for precision and complicated cutting. Now we have a successful unique range of routers and robot under Make in India projects.

Many such routers and robot are under successful operation at many of our patrons.

We offer CNC router machines. These can be further equipped with additional, precise & cost effective options to suit the requirements of your products .

Primarily, this is designed for high production relatively small and medium size products upto the size of 2 mtr x 1.2 mtr x 0.5 mtr

The machines essentially consist of rigid, welded machine frame with moving gantry. The three main axes named as X, Y and Z relate to the perpendicular axes of a cartesian coordinate system.

The trimming spindle is held in an orthogonal or gimble head and is fitted to the machine rotationally on the vertical Z axis. The pivoting B axis, the rotating C axis and the center axis of the spindle meet at one point. During trimming the cutter tip moves continuously on a spherical surface around this cross point.

Teach mode application with MPG is standard feature of all our machines

Areas & sectors of application:

Our routes find a unique applications in sectors like defence , aviation,  infrastructures , automotive, material handling, luggage & equipment building

Areas of application:

Our CNC routers are:
• Adaptable to meet the specific requirements of the product in terms of quality, handling, cycle time and much more by a technically up to date .

Typical options are:
• Trimming spindles for a variety of application
• Additional processing options such as ultrasound, cold knife and laser cutting

Tool changer
• Machine enclosures
• Swarf and dust extraction systems
• Vacuum equipment for product holding
• Auto calibration systems
• Software options, data acquisition and logging ( industry 4.0)
• Additional services and much more

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