Large Format thermoforming

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Large Format thermoforming

Large format thermoforming uses sheet up to 12 mm thick, which is formed with vacuum forming or pressure forming coupled with CNC routers or robots for trimming and assembly, if required. 

Divyam technology solution is in process to install these machines and design center to cater to the most complicated and cost effective parts, industries have not used before.

Large format / heavy gauge thermoforming is a custom plastic manufacturing process which allows you to create large plastic parts with great cosmetics at much lower tooling cost and much lower minimum quantity runs than other plastic processes. Economical low-volume or moderate-volume runs are possible with heavy gauge thermoforming as opposed to much more expensive upfront tooling cost of injection molding.

Divyam technology solutions intend to enhance these advantages by offering parts with in composite material with complex design for various upcoming challenges of industries.

Divyam technology solutions intends to set up integrated state of the art processing facilities with capacity of 2400 tons per annum.