SPF Series Pressure forming machine:


SPF Series Pressure forming machine:

The pressure forming machine design allows option of air pressure forming & compression forming with help of hydraulic press. This is most suitable for fine details & complex forming.  The design allows any nominal size of 500 mm x 500 mm upwards to 1500 mm x 1500 max. with standalone type (manual sheet feeding & product unloading) or auto machine. In auto machine, the cut sheet feed & the formed product unload automatically.

This machine is designed for multilayer sheets, composite sheet where high forming pressure is required

Machine incorporated with auto / manual sheet feeding, forming press suitable for vacuum /air pressure forming or hydraulic driven compression forming, auto product unloading.

The optional features of our machines


  • Each heating panel may be equipped with different type of heaters, chosen according to the end user’s requirements among ceramic heaters, either standard or high-efficiency, quartz heaters, flash heaters (halogen).
  • Dimension of heating elements are selected according to the product type to be thermoformed.
  • The optional configuration of the machine also includes the installation of an IR pyrometer, which assures a correct thermoforming of each sheet.
  • Individual / zone heater control by INTELSOFT (version 6.0) based on Siemens platform, SPF series machine control system.
  • The key feature of control system is that any follower heater can be selected & controlled with reference to any Master heater. Almost all heaters are configured to PID function.

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