SVF & CVF machines


The parametric construction design allows any reasonable minimum nominal size of 1000 x 1000 mm upwards. Forming area dimensions such as 4700 x 2400 mm. 3100 x 3100 mm, 3000 x 2000 mm and 2500 x 1300 mm are nothing unusual and undergo the same production process.  The nominal size of the machine relates to the largest sheet size that can be formed.  The optimum clamp area is 20 mm additional on all four sides

This machine design offers single station for flexibility & customisation

The features of our machines

Optional features:-

  1. Pyrometer for sheet temp. measurement 
  2. Auto clamping for mold & plug 
  3. Mold temperature control system 
  4. Adjustable bottom clamp & top clamp
  5. Auto sheet /roll loading & product unloading 
  6. Quartz & high speed heaters 
  7. Quick mold loading


Each heating panel may be equipped with different type of heaters, chosen according to the end user’s requirements among ceramic heaters, either standard or high-efficiency, quartz heaters, flash heaters (halogen).

Dimension of heating elements are selected according to the product type to be thermoformed.

The optional configuration of the machine includes also the installation of an IR pyrometer, which assures a correct thermoforming of each sheet.

Individual/zone heater control by INTELSOFT (version 2.0) based on Siemens platform, SVF series machine control system

The key feature of control system is  any follower heater can be selected & controlled with reference to any master heater. Atmost all heaters are configured to PID function

Machine can formed varieties of thermoplastics such as PS, ABS, PC, Acrylic, PET, PP, HDPE in sheet thickness up to 10 mm

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