Thermoforming Tooling

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Thermoforming Tooling

Mold and tool making services serve as a basic element of thermoforming and router machines.  Over years of experience in machine building, material, process trials & customer difficulties, we have tool design department that can provide simple or complex tool at short notice.

Manufacturing strategies for quality tool development–

  • Flexible options of analyzing customer samples.

  • In-house tool design using leading 3D CAD systems.

  • Modern CNC machines.

  • State of the art digital measuring technology.

  • All manufacturing specifications are documented and stored.

  • Use of aluminum block or aluminum casting with water cooling & pre-defined wall thickness & moving core for complex parts.

  • Tool from cost effective material like SIBA wood or EPOXY are also offered

  • Prototype development with 3D printing (if required).

We will be able to manufacture small simple thermoforming mold to large complex mold with our facilities.